Wednesday’s Headlines: Dog Bites Man Edition

How are you feeling? No, really, how are you really feeling?

Are you depressed? Of course you are. Everyone is — or so reports amNY in the ultimate “dog bites man” story: According to a Health Department study, 44 percent of respondents experienced anxiety during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while another 36 percent reported depression.

That’s 80 percent of the city — which raises one question: if misery really loves company, why are we all so depressed? Isn’t there herd immunity for that?

Apparently not. In other news:

  • This one sentence will spare you the need to read these stories about proposed new rules to formally ban defecating on the subway. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Meanwhile, here’s a real straphangers’ nightmare — an open door on a moving subway car. (NYDN, NY Post)DN wood
  • You also have to see this “What Could Go Wrong” video as a man tries to propose to his bride in literally the worst place: the crowded Brooklyn Bridge bike/ped path. (NY Post)
  • The Daily News wooded with the massive increase in motorcycle deaths this year (see front page, right, and story here).
  • Regardless of the merits of the case, the Post is seeing out-of-control socialism in a few pols’ opposition to the Industry City rezoning. (You can decide for yourself with our dueling op-eds from an opponent and from Industry City itself.) (Also, early on Wednesday, Politico reported that Industry City had pulled the rezoning application.)
  • Money for nothing: That vandal-caused subway derailment on Sunday cost the MTA $1 million that it doesn’t have. (NY Post)
  • WNYC had a gripping, heart-breaking story about a pregnant MTA worker who lost her unborn baby during her shift.
  • The Wall Street Journal does the math on taxis vs. Ubers.
  • As good as the “open restaurants” program has been, the dining industry is dying (NY Times). And here are two major losses for Brooklyn: Building on Bond and Egg (Lincoln Restler via Twitter).
  • The mayor said he would rename the Municipal Building in Brooklyn for Ruth Bader Ginsburg (NY Post). That’s nice, but here’s hoping that the heirs of Borough President James “Jimmy” Muncipal aren’t too upset.
  • Someone installed some street satire in Queens — in the form of trying to trick Trump voters to disenfranchise themselves. (Josefa Velasquez via Twitter)
  • And if you were tempted to believe President Trump’s declaration that New York City is in a state of anarchy, check out Streetfilms’ latest classic from the Vanderbilt Avenue open dining street:

Brooklyn’s Vanderbilt Avenue Will Scare You in to Never Visiting NYC again! from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.