Friday’s Headlines: Almost Heaven Edition

The New River near Fayetteville, West Virginia.
The New River near Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Our old man editor is back from eight days in West Virginia, and all he could talk about upon his return is how no one is wearing masks in the ruby red Mountaineer State. So naturally, he was excited to discover that mask-wearing was the big topic in his hometown on Thursday.

All the papers covered the news: The MTA will start fining subway and bus riders who don’t wear a mask (also known as endangering their fellow riders for selfish, stupid or political reasons). The Daily News played it straight, though it did remind its readers that cops rarely wear masks themselves. The Post emphasized Cuomo being Cuomo. The Wall Street Journal, of all papers, played up union boss Tony Utano’s comment. Gothamist also covered the $50 fine announcement.

In other news:

  • Could the NYPD’s technological prowess finally be leaving the 1980s? The Daily News reveals that commanders will now be able to know where every cop is … in real time (say goodbye to cooping).
  • Speaking of NYPD tech, the agency finally put up a web page that breaks down the force by race, gender, years of service and rank. Poke around and you’ll find, for instance, that 43 percent of cops are white, but 51 percent of detectives, 58 percent of lieutenants and 61 percent of inspectors are white. (NYPD)
  • Another cyclist was run down and killed on Thursday, bringing this year’s death toll to 13. The Daily News had a full story on the life of victim Yasmani Gomez. The Post had few details. Neither paper questioned the NYPD victim-blaming.
  • Times columnist Paul Krugman uses reckless driving as a metaphor for Donald Trump’s governing style.
  • And, finally, do you love the A train? Well, it celebrated its 88th anniversary yesterday … and Larry Penner offered the obligatory tribute. (Mass Transit)