Tuesday’s Headlines: Let’s Have Class Outside Edition

It won't look like this.
It won't look like this.

The big news yesterday was the mayor’s decision to allow principals to set up outdoor space for their students, under certain circumstances.

The Post stressed that the principals union thinks the plan is too little, too late. And the straight coverage in the Post and the Daily News seemed to suggest as much. Streetsblog focused on the mayor’s inability to create true open streets for students and close roadways around schools to car drivers (something his own schools chancellor once admitted was never on his agenda). The Wall Street Journal and Gothamist mentioned the idea that streets would be part of the plan, but then didn’t back up that point with any evidence (as Council Member Mark Treyger said, the mayor is just “winging” it).

And amNY emphasized the likely inequality as PTAs are in charge of funding tents and other outdoor accoutrements.

  • As our coverage last week hinted, neither the governor nor the MTA are talking about reopening the subway overnight. (NYDN)
  • Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez is the only local district attorney who signed a pledge to no longer accept donations from police unions. (NYDN)
  • A truck driver ran over and killed a woman in Brooklyn — but judging by some coverage, she had it coming. Shame on you, Daily News. Todd Maisel at amNY was much more respectful.
  • In case you missed it, HuffPost weighed in on how little most U.S. mayors have done to remake their cities during COVID. The story featured Friend of Streetsblog Doug Gordon.