Monday’s Headlines: Tallest Filing Cabinet in the World Edition

The tallest filing cabinet in the world.
The tallest filing cabinet in the world.

Our old man editor needed a day off, so he’s somewhere in America sending back pictures, starting with today’s shot of the tallest filing cabinet in the world. So let’s get straight to the weekend roundup:

  • All these police unions endorsing president trump is disturbing Not because cops love Trump, but because of how whiny our snowflake police forces have become. Reminder: it’s not the job of politicians to “support” cops. It’s the cops job to follow the laws and policies created by politicians. (NY Post)
  • Clayton Guse of the Daily Newsuh has been all over the train window vandalism story, but now the Times has done the full broadsheet treatment. Meanwhile, amNY focused on the MTA’s security response, which is, literally, broken windows policing.
  • Friend of Streetsblog — and a member of the mayor’s ignored Surface Transportation panel — Sarah Kaufman argued in a Forbes op-ed that the city needs to do much more to give essential workers options.
  • The Times surveyed multiple neighborhoods for mask wearing. Check out how your area did.
  • In case you missed it, we published dueling op-eds on Friday about the Industry City rezoning, which heads to the City Council for a final vote. Read the “anti” piece by Marcela Mitaynes and the “pro” piece by Industry City CEO Andrew Kimball.
  • Also over the weekend, we published more excuses from the city on why it can’t create more space for cyclists and pedestrians on the Queensboro Bridge.
  • There’s a petition drive to get a bike path on the Verrazzano Bridge. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Pat Foye continues to be amNY’s most prolific writer.
  • Motorcycle crashes continue to be the year’s biggest road carnage story. On Saturday, a dirt bike rider was killed in Queens (amNY), on the same day as another Queens crash (NYDN) and one day after another motorcyclist was killed in Brooklyn (NYDN)