Wednesday’s Headlines: Halfway There Edition

We'll get through this.
We'll get through this.

Funny how a Monday holiday works — we’re already halfway through the work week. Let’s keep the frenetic pace going and get you up to speed fast:

  • The main police union endorsed Liz Crotty for Manhattan District Attorney (NYDN), which is a move that Streetsblog readers obviously saw coming.
  • The Post’s obsession with so-called “squeegee men” is pathetic on its face — but so is the rush of candidates (first Curtis Sliwa and then Eric Adams) declaring to the Murdochian tabloid that “only I” can stop the scourge.
  • Seventy percent of subway stations have cameras, the Daily News reported, so maybe we can finally dispense with the supposed need to spend tens of millions of dollars we don’t have on cops we don’t need?
  • Several media outlets added more details to the story of the hit-and-run killing of Leonard Mitchell late on Monday night (which we covered here). The Daily News did the smart thing — going back to the family of the last victim of a crash on that same deadly roadway to get more outrage.
  • What a surprise: Cops are pushing back on Maya Wiley’s new ad, which showed them beating and running over protesters during last year’s anti-brutality protests (NY Post). But in her own press conference, Wiley told cops, “there’s a new sheriff in town.” (amNY)
  • Everyone (well, except the Village Sun) was late on the NYPD’s ill-considered 10 p.m. weekend closure of Washington Square Park, but Gothamist played catch-up.
  • One down, hundreds more to go, MTA. (amNY)
  • We’ve quibbled with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-Wall Street) on occasion, but we love it when he shows up somewhere on his bike, as he did over the weekend. (NY Post)
  • This guy’s “mission”? To bike across the U.S. — from L.A. to the Bowery — for charity. (NY Post)
  • And finally, sometimes it feels like the Times is more interested in animal life getting safely across a highway than human life.