Thursday’s Headlines: Just the News Today Edition

Just a few headlines to get you going today. Check back later for more.

  • The MTA really is in a disaster (NYDNNY Post, Gothamist), but that doesn’t mean its getting rid of its order for 500 new cops (Streetsblog).
  • It is SO hard to fire a rogue cop — even one caught on camera punching a man on a subway train. (NY Post)
  • Trump really is serious about sending federal troops to New York (NYDN), but Mayor de Blasio says they’re unwelcome (Streetsblog). Meanwhile, the Big Dog called the President to talk him down. (NY Post)
  • Like Streetsblog, Gothamist covered the Transportation Alternatives report on how lame Mayor de Blasio’s open streets program turned out.
  • Looks like the Queens Eagle has finally figured out that the Flushing busway is a good idea.
  • Even Lady Liberty is under fire these days. (NY Post)
  • Surprise! The long-awaited release of the NYPD disciplinary records has hit a new snag (Gothamist).
  • In more bailout news, the state legislature is protecting the driver’s licenses of motorists who cannot pay traffic fines (amNY).
  • Here’s a tweet we can all get behind: a plea for Manhattan Community Board 5 to support the DOT’s plan to to make Fifth Avenue from 34th Street to 57th Street a busway (Jim Rockaway via Twitter).

  • And finally, let’s get this started already. First pitch, 7 p.m. (MLB)