Tuesday’s Headlines: Nap Time for the City that Never Sleeps Edition

Photo: Circe Denyer
Photo: Circe Denyer

One-third of New York City Mom and Pops aren’t going to reopen when this is all over, a new report says.

As detailed in the Post, a report by the Partnership for New York City suggests that something like 76,000 of the city’s 230,000 small businesses won’t survive the pandemic. The report [here] also said that 25 percent of Manhattan office worker will never return. And many companies won’t even bother to ask workers to come back to work, since 54 percent of city jobs can be done remotely.

It’s all pretty grim.

In other news about our crumbling city:

  • The mayor finally comment on how is police commissioner called him and other city leaders “cowards.” True to form, the mayor said it was OK. (NY Post)
  • Meanwhile, President Trump threatened that he’d do to other cities what his unaccountable troops did to Portland. (NY Times, Gothamist)
  • Multiple outlets (NYDN, NY Times) had more on the heart-wrenching death of WCBS2 reporter Nina Kapur, but the Post had a detail that raised the question that maybe the Revel scooter she was riding on had been hit by a driver who fled.
  • Why do MTA officials even have cars? (The City)
  • Now here’s a perfect use for curbside space: Joshua Torres, a building super in Upper Manhattan, repurposed some useless parking spaces into a pool for neighborhood kids. (WSJ)
  • Mark Hallum at amNY found more evidence of a coming carpocalyse: an online car-buying site is busy busy busy.
  • We couldn’t bear to watch, but Guse at the Newsuh posted a story on that insane video of two morons treating Inwood like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • Mayor de Blasio took credit as Citi Bike marked its 100 millionth ride yesterday (Patch) — but public investment in this vital form of public transportation would have gotten the bike share system to that milestone much earlier.
  • MTA boss Sarah Feinberg seems to be the only person upset that the NYPD is no longer in charge of evicting homeless people from the subway (NY Post). Reminder: The NYPD should not be doing homeless outreach.
  • The MTA said it will fix the F train tube, the last Sandy-damaged subway tunnel, with the same methods it used to avoid the dreaded L-pocalyse. (NYDN)
  • And in case you missed it, we sent the intern out into the hottest day of the year with a bottle of water and a notebook, and he came back with a great story about how the de Blasio administration fails the hardest-hit communities. (Streetsblog)