Friday’s Headlines: Stay Dry Edition

It's on its way.
It's on its way.

It’s going to be a wet one today (NYDN, NY Post), so why not stay in and catch up on all the amazing, stunning, long-overdue, exciting, exhilarating, vindicating (choose your adjective) coverage that suddenly started popping up in the usually pro-car New York Times.

We mentioned them in yesterday’s headlines, but Aaron Gordon was good enough to tweet them all — Farhad Manjoo’s treatise about the space-clogging, anti-urban qualities of the automobile; Michael Kimmelman’s demand for more bike-friendly policies from car-loving Mayor de Blasio; and an op-ed on how we need to stop building roads — so we decided to plug them (and him) again:


In other news yesterday:

  • Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer is the latest public official to ask why the NYPD has been allowed to seize public space without so much as a hearing (answer: because the NYPD answers to no one) (West Side Rag). Local TV reporter Ali Bauman also weighed in on this ongoing outrage, adding a statement from the NYPD that the roads will remain closed until “there’s no longer a threat.” (CBS2). And we covered the mayor’s cowardice on the issue.
  • We guess that the Wilco concert isn’t happening in Forest Hills Stadium on Aug. 22, huh? Or maybe it is — it’s so hard to tell with this mayor. Parades and street fairs are definitely out, though. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Leave it to the Post to highlight the two enraged Trumpists (and the Naked Cowboy) who screamed at Mayor de Blasio for painting a Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower. The Times downplayed the disturbance.