Tuesday’s Headlines: Under the Knife Edition

Inside our editor.
Inside our editor.

Our old man editor finally gets his wayward clavicle put back into place today at the Hospital For Special Surgery. Frankly, we’ll be glad when this is all over. For the last five days since his “cat”-astrophic crash, all his emails, and half of his published stories, have been filled with the most bizarre typos, mostly because he is dictating everything on his iPhone — and Siri doesn’t speak Grizzled Tabloidese (admittedly, a dying language).

The doctors gave him 100 percent chance of making a full recovery, which, for Kuntzman, means he’ll be back at 75 percent in no time.

In an unrelated journalistic injury, we were remiss in not pointing out that Second Avenue Sagas blogger (and Streetsblog contributor) Ben Kabak suffered his own bike-related fall a few days ago, injuring his hands. We wish Kabak a quick recovery.

Now, to the news:

  • Finally: no MTA workers have died of coronavirus in the last two weeks. But 132 employees died during the pandemic. (NYDN)
  • Here’s something funny (and by “funny,” we of course mean completely horrifying government action): after the Tri-State Transportation Campaign put out a report detailing what other cities did to bring back ridership after the pandemic (we covered here), Gusuh of the Newsuh reported that the MTA spent $100,000 on its own study! The agency defended the expenditure in the Post. And before anyone calls the report a total waste of money, the Wall Street Journal focused on some best practices from overseas that may be implemented here, including temperature checks.
  • A Queens pedestrian was killed by a bad driver on Monday. (amNY)
  • Finally, the MTA released a new “Welcome Back” video that, unfortunately, did not feature John Sebastian’s classic song — but it did make stars out of Sarah Meyer (the agency’s much-liked Tweeter-in-chief) and its cool digital content director Joseph Chan.