Friday’s Headlines: Not Feline So Well Edition

No, it is as bad as it looks.
No, it is as bad as it looks.

Our old man editor wanted to thank everyone for those cards and letters after yesterday’s post about his cat-related bicycle crash.

And, of course, he wanted to provide an update for interested readers: The update: don’t panic (yet). As you can see vy the X-ray image above, Kuntzman’s clavicle (jambiuolum Tiberius in Latin, or so he claims) has separated from the arm bone, though to the layman’s eye (his), it appears to have come in completely shorn off. Apparently, Kuntzman will need special surgery, conveniently enough, at the Hospital for Special Surgery, that and he is not making this up, will require a doctor to take the Achilles tendon of a cadaver, screw it into the clavicle, and sew the overhanging tendon (or ligament, we always mix those up) to the torn tendon (or cartilage, we always mix that up, too) and tie that clavicle back into place.

Kuntzman said he asked his doctor if the Achilles tendon could come from a living person, because he knew how badly Dave Colon would want to be a donor, but the doctor reminded him that cadavers work better, because they don’t scream as much.

Recovery will take months, but until then, here’s all the news from yesterday:

  • Pretty much everybody covered the mayor’s open streets for restaurants announcement yesterday, with our one-armed paper hanger and Eater more or less doing the story the same way. The Post did a very thorough job. The Daily News pointed out that the feud between Big Dog Excelsior Car Guy and the mayor could delay the re-opening a few days. The Times took a broader approach, covering the entire Phase 2 reopening, which is expected on Monday.
  • A bunch of city employees who don’t feel properly appreciated are going to call in sick on July 4. Guess which ones. (NY Post)
  • Perhaps this is progress: Staten Islanders say they are very upset that they did not get the bike share they were promised. (The City)
  • Gothamist did a full write-through on the video of that speeding driver who crashed through the intersection of Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue in the Bronx that we had featured in an article on cyclist injuries yesterday.
  • We have a long wondered why there’s a statue of Thomas Jefferson in the City Council chambers, given that the founding father was not only a southerner (who was no fan of New York or its leading citizen, Alexander Hamilton), but also a notorious slave owner. Apparently several members of the City Council are wondering that, too. (NY Post)
  • And, finally, Council Member Carlos Menchaca called for a no-confidence vote in the Council against Mayor de Blasio. (Medium)