Friday’s Headlines: People Really Seem to Get It Edition

This is a photo illustration!
This is a photo illustration!

The mayor likes to say that Streetsblog reporters are “advocacy journalists” who (“god bless you”) have a “narrow worldview” on our city.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome American journalist Dan Rather and interim New York City Transit President Sarah Feinberg to our apparently small group of “advocacy journalists” with a “narrow worldview”!

First, the legendary reporter looked around yesterday at all the space that’s still allotted to car drivers and car-storers and said he was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore:

Then, asked by Friend of Streetsblog Jim Burke to pressure the mayor for more open space, Feinberg said, “I’m all for it!”

So next time we talk to the mayor, we’ll remind him that the majority of New Yorkers who don’t own cars are tired of being treated like we’re the ne’er-do-well uncle with his hat in hand begging for a few crumbs. When this is over, we want the biggest slice of the pie.

Now, in other news:

  • Cover your face outside! (Gothamist)
  • Yes, people are still speeding. Here, a reckless driver in a Lexus blew a light, killed himself and injured two other drivers in Queens (NY Post, NYDN). Our old man editor found plenty of speeding on his bike ride yesterday:

  • The MTA will make $1 billion redeveloping one of its unnecessary buildings — nice thing to have around in a crisis. (NYDN)
  • “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert says it’s OK to be attracted to the New York governor right now because, face it, we’re all Cuomo-sexual. (Gothamist)
  • The Post did a second-day on the e-bike legalization bill that passed in Albany late Wednesday.
  • Please take Charles Passy’s advice and find creative, socially responsible ways to exercise! (WSJ)
  • And, finally, all you people who still have jobs or are working from home — have a look at how the other way-more-than-half is living right now in the age of gig work, a shredded safety net and health benefits that are one pink slip away from being lost: