Friday’s Headlines: Put the BQE on a Road Diet Edition

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn Heights. Photo: Patch
The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn Heights. Photo: Patch

Yesterday’s first cyclist death of the year was horrific and appalling, so let’s just get to the rest of the news, OK? (The Post and the News covered it, too)

  • Vice got stats showing that the NYPD enforces fare evasion like it does “jaywalking” — in a racially suspect manner.
  • What has happened to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. A gun? A gun?! (NY Post)
  • The Times’s Brian Rosenthal continued his Pulitzer-worthy taxi industry coverage with a preview of recommendations from a city panel.
  • Meanwhile, the city’s Brooklyn-Queens Expressway panel leaked its report to the Times and the Journal (must be nice). It calls for good stuff, like removing lanes, which sure beats the original plan of just rebuilding the damn thing. But, remember, Streetsblog called for the whole thing to just be torn down.
  • New York Magazine’s increasingly awesome Justin Davidson applied the moving-ranking thing to Penn Station.
  • Gothamist took a deep dive on the layoffs of Ned Berke and other Brooklyn Eagle staffers etc. It hints at Dozier Hasty’s racial bias against what he derided as Berke’s “woke journalism,” but our guess is that bigger game is out there for hunting.

Sorry, but it was a slow news day.