Wednesday’s Headlines: Live from the Bronx Edition

Our old man editor will be on BronxNet this afternoon, talking about our favorite story of 2020: Jaywalking while black. (In case you missed it, the NYPD apparently doles out jaywalking tickets in a completely racially biased manner — and the problem is worse in the Bronx, hence the invite to borough legend Gary Axelbank on his BronxTalk show. It airs on Monday night. Check back for a link.)

On his way to the studios on the eastern end of Pelham Parkway (yes, it’s a long ride!), our editor says he’ll swing by Morris Park Avenue to see the results of the city’s oddly controversial street safety project.

Before then, here’s the news from a slow news day:

  • Gotta hand it to Guse at the Newsuh for his scoop that the MTA is going to spend tens of millions renovating some subway stations in Queens — and they still won’t meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which became law in 1990 (when most subway riders weren’t even born!).
  • We’ve been airing some localized grievances with the overall MTA’s Queens bus network redesign — and the Wall Street Journal is following us.
  • Why is the default angle at Clifford Levy’s New York Times Metro Section an attempt to make us feel bad for owners of luxury vehicles (who probably have insurance anyway!)? (NY Times)
  • Our editor was so incensed by yesterday’s anti-busway coverage in the Village Sun that he wrote Editor Lincoln Anderson a letter … which the legendary community journalist printed! We will leave you, dear readers, to determine who’s right and who’s shilling for Arthur Schwartz. (Village Sun)
  • And finally because you asked for it, you got it: Larry Penner’s tribute to Nassau County buses as the NICE system celebrates its eighth birthday. (Long Island Weekly)