Monday’s Headlines: The Return of (Sort-Of) Winter Edition

It will be cooler today.
It will be cooler today.

It’s not exactly Paul Simon territory, but the nip in the air will mercifully return today, setting aside for at least a day our regular reminder that the planet is superheating (cherry blossoms in January? Don’t blame Mother Nature).

It’s Monday, so let’s get to it:

  • In case you missed it, Post powerhouses David Meyer and Vin Barone reported that the problems with the MTA’s R179 trains go beyond some sticky doors. (NY Post)
  • Meyer’s byline was also part of a team of reporters who broke the open secret of Mayor de Blasio’s ferry system: It really is for the rich! (NY Post)
  • Also in case you missed it, The City‘s Jose Martinez compiled all the subway delays caused by non-human animals.
  • Unforced error department: Jumaane Williams got another speeding ticket! (NY Post)
  • NY1‘s Dan Rivoli raised some issues about the MTA’s 500 cops patrolling the subways alongside the NYPD.
  • Meanwhile, the same outlet’s Ron Lee did a perfunctory job at suggesting that the 14th Street busway was “bad for small business” because buses are running so well. But the story and accompanying video interviewed only two business owners, one of whom declined to go on camera — and neither of whom showed any financial records to prove a decline in business.
  • Nationally, Alissa Walker took a deep dive on driverless cars and found that there is potential that they will reduce road carnage. It’s worth a read no matter which side you’re on. (Curbed)
  • In some personal news, Matty Maher is dead. (NYDN)
  • Gothamist did a pretty nice takedown of the mayor’s BQX trolley, including the fuzzy math for how it’ll be funded.
  • The MTA has created two more forums for Queens residents to discuss the agency’s much-vaunted (and slightly attacked) bus network reconfiguration: one in in Jackson Heights on Wednesday and in the Rockaways on Feb. 5. (Those and the other forums are listed in amNY).
  • We saw the best minds of our generation destroyed by madness — or, at least, covering Sen. Schumer’s Sunday presser this week on bomb-detection technology. (Guse of the Newsuh, Fitz-Gibbon at the Post)
  • Sunday was the no-pants subway ride, which is the annual journalistic challenge of taking pictures of people without pants that you can actually print in a family newspaper. Only amNY succeeded.
  • And, finally, Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms showed that everyone loves when we take roadways away from cars and give them over to … seesaws.