Monday’s Headlines: Last Chance to Donate Edition

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We’re not going to sit here and run a long list of all the incredible investigations, breaking news, strongthroated advocacy, diverse outside opinion pieces, or actual change we produced this year. That would be unseemly.

All we’ll say is that we come to work every day determined to fight for safety for the most-vulnerable road users; fight to take back our public spaces for better uses such as transit and anxiety-free walking; fight against politicians who defend the status quo of more pollution, more theft of public space and more carnage; fight the blindness of our media colleagues who defend car culture in a city where car owners are a repudiated, selfish minority.

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Thanks! We’ll keep fighting for another year. And now, here’s today’s news roundup from the busy holiday weekend:

  • The Daily News took the typical Boomer approach to the artist who painted the words “BIRD GOD” on the Civil War monument in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza yesterday, though reporters Austin Fenner and Barry Paddock did allow one onlooker to point out that there may be artistic value in the artwork. The Post was also dismissive.
  • Apparently, the private carting industry hasn’t fully been reformed — now workers at Action Carting say they are being harassed for trying to form a union. (NYDN)
  • Guse of the Newsuh offered a year-in-review take on Mayor de Blasio’s slow realization that 2019 was going to be defined by cyclists’ deaths.
  • The latest bigfooting by Gov. Cuomo over Mayor de Blasio doesn’t really make sense. Does the governor really want the mayor to personal serve on an MTA capital budget overview panel rather than an appointee? Cuomo is going to steamroll either participant, right? (NY Post)
  • Here’s another bad veto by Cuomo — a bill that would have helped keep experienced drivers behind the wheel of school buses. (NYDN)
  • We were very sorry to hear that State Senator John Liu got knocked off his bike in a crash on Northern Boulevard on his way back from City Hall on Friday. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery (and calling on the DOT to make cycling safer!). (Liu via Twitter)

  • The Nevins Street raccoon was still confounding cops over the weekend. (NY Post)
  • So, let us get this straight: The New York Post never complains about how every sidewalk in town — even 10-foot-wide ones — are covered in garbage bags every afternoon, but suddenly gets outraged when a Citi Bike dock shows up on an extremely wide sidewalk in the East Village? (NY Post)
  • A man was run over and killed by a driver in Harlem and, for some reason, everyone is believing the driver’s story that the victim was just lying in the middle of the road. (WPIX)