Wednesday’s Headlines: Bravo! Bravo! Edition

The Streetsblog Carolers in front of Gracie Mansion for their 2019 concert. Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
The Streetsblog Carolers in front of Gracie Mansion for their 2019 concert. Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
It's our December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet) by clicking the logo above.
It’s our December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet) by clicking the logo above.

It was a command performance. The Streetsblog Carolers gave their annual Gracie Mansion concert last night amid the misty cold of the holiday upon us. Mayor de Blasio was on hand (albeit inside) while our hearty band belted out its seasonal songs, bringing merriment, mirth and magic to all who attended (a few people walking dogs in Carl Schurz Park).

We’ll post our five videos later today — an early Christmas president to lovers of song, satire and sendup.

Until then, get ready to have breakfast with an old friend this morning: the sun. She’ll be back once that low pressure finally blows off Virginia.

So enjoy today’s news on a crisp late fall day:

  • First things first: The MTA was going to release the strictly embargoed results of its “forensic audit” at around 8:30 a.m., but Jose Martinez of The City got it early and posted some details (spoiler alert: Cuomo’s hand-picked accounting firm blames the MTA for spending excesses). “The audit makes nine recommendations, including improving pricing estimates at an agency that’s been criticized for projects that take too long to complete and cost too much,” Martinez reports.
  • In a related story, careful, Gov. Cuomo, but Dana Rubinstein of Politico is onto you — and has basically determined that you don’t need those 500 new subway cops.
  • In yet another related story, we were not alone in covering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s parachute jump into local subway politics, as the News, the Post, Gothamist and amNY also reported on the freshman House member’s stern letter to Gov. Cuomo about his misguided and “dangerous” cop plan.
  • Emma Whitford did an incredible job profiling all of the cyclists who have been killed this year. Let’s hope this insight into the 28 lives lost so far this year makes it into Hizzoner’s press packet today.(Gothamist)
  • The MTA unveiled a redesigned Queens bus network, though it’s hard to tell what it is from the amNY coverage.
  • Want to relive the best and worst moments in transit for the past decade? Gothamist has you covered (yes, the Busway is on the “best” list).
  • Other outlets also covered the NYPD’s arrest of the hit-and-run trucker who killed pro wrestler and cyclist Matt Travis. Unlike Streetsblog’s Julianne Cuba, Guse of the Newsuh downplayed how completely lame the charges were.
  • And, finally, tonight is the annual press corps Christmas party at Gracie Mansion, which is always a fun time (and, seriously, the mayor is a gracious host — it’s a party worth every penny of the $50 reporters are charged). Note to editors: don’t expect much copy before noon today.


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