Meet a Car-Hating Chinese Kid Who Speaks for the Entire World

Photo: South China Morning Post
Photo: South China Morning Post
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Global warming has Greta Thunberg as its “Person of the Year.” Well, the livable streets movement now has a new  public face — and this little guy had better win the Nobel Prize next year.

This video published this week by the South China Morning Post focuses on a single incident of traffic violence in Chongqing, but the boy’s reaction to car violence speaks for every person on the planet who has been intimidated, hit, injured or killed by a driver.

Like all of us, he’s mad as hell — and he’s not going to take it anymore:

The video has been watched on YouTube more than 1.5 million times and on Twitter another 500,000 since Tuesday — evidence that people are hungering for a hero in a time of violence and outrage.

The newspaper did not have an accompanying article identifying the boy or providing any details about the incident, but the video speaks for itself: a driver runs down two people and a boy who stood up to the forces of evil.


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