Thanksgiving Day Headlines: Stuff It Edition

We’re officially off for Thanksgiving, but I would be remiss as editor of Streetsblog to not give thanks for the hard work of our staff — Julianne Cuba, Dave Colon and Eve Kessler — who battle for livable streets day in and day out.

But we’ll spend today with our families, friends and, of course, our sponsors (see logo above!) so we can come back strong on Friday. Until then, here are a few stories you might have missed this week:

  • Rather than build infrastructure or create new restrictions on deadly drivers, Elizabeth, N.J. simply got rid of its scooter pilot program after a teenager was killed by a trucker.
  • Is this really the placard crackdown that’s going to work?
  • This “Bike Mayor” thing is happening!
  • Citi Bike pushed back the date for the return of its popular e-bikes.
  • The mayor called Streetsblog fake news — to which we responded in kind.

Happy Thanksgiving, New York.