A Round and a Roundy: Cops Are Just Inept

Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy
Cartoonist Bill Roundy

This week, our editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy is particularly angry about the recent spate of reports that NYPD officers simply don’t know what they’re doing.

Remember just our recent reports: In one, a cyclist was nearly killed by a pickup truck driver, yet the responding officers couldn’t be bothered. In another, a cyclist called the cops on an aggressive driver only to be told by the cops that there was nothing they could do (which turned out to be false, of course). In yet another, cops blamed a cyclist after he was killed by a driver who either ran a red light or was speeding.

And, of course, we’re always running stories about cops themselves ignoring the law.

Roundy has had it — and crafted today’s toon in response.

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