Wednesday’s Headlines: See You on Thursday Edition?

Reminder: On Thursday, we’re holding our annual cocktail party and fundraiser in Tribeca, so why not buy a ticket and hang out with your favorite warriors for street safety and livable communities? There might even be a few celebrity sightings (Clayton Guse from the Daily Newsuh claims he’ll attend — and of course Streetsblog alum David Meyer will be there, right? Naparstek? Gordon? Vaccaro (and White?)? Ho? Goodyear? You never know!).

Ticket information is here. We’d love to see you (and, more important, collect your donations to help us keep waging the fight for a better city)!

Until tomorrow, here’s the news:

  • On Tuesday, we were obsessed with telling incoming NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea how to do his job, then Emma Whitford dropped the mic on us and pointed out the most important thing: WE NEED FEWER COPS! (Gothamist)
  • Need more evidence that parking is a psychosis? Check out Gothamist’s coverage of what’s going on in Bay Ridge.
  • The Post followed (and nicely linked to) our coverage of the National Transportation Safety Board’s surprise decision to recommend bike helmet laws for every state.
  • The Tabloid of Record had a second day of nailing the Board of Elections for spending millions on cab rides.
  • The Times’s Emma Fitzsimmons nailed her story on Gov. Cuomo’s bizarre bid for 500 more MTA cops. Our own Dave Colon provided the hammer earlier in the week.
  • The Daily News had more about Gilberta Hernandez, who was killed by a driver on Bay Parkway last week — though no attribution on how the paper concluded that the driver had the green light.
  • A thief stole a car, then abandoned it, but the car ended up running over a woman in Queens (if you can believe the NY Post version (we, and the Daily News, did not)
  • Uber is adding public transit to its app — so you have less of an excuse to take a car. (NY Post)
  • And, finally, we’ve been openly mocking the governor’s bid to add 500 cops to the subway system, but no one openly mocks better than The Onion.