Wednesday’s Headlines: Day of Atonement Edition

Photo: Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram
Photo: Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram

Look, we all have sins to atone for. Our editor specifically wants to apologize for how he stunk up the ice at Abe Stark on Tuesday night. Our copy desk will spend Yom Kippur atoning for all the tpyos in our stories. And our reporters will beg forgiveness for only being shortlisted for a Pulitzer this year (next year, guys, next year!).

What does everyone else have to atone for? Let us review yesterday’s news:

  • Americans in general need to atone for believing falsely that our country can’t be a sustainable transportation paradise like Amsterdam. After all, as City Lab showed in a deep dive, there was an American anti-car movement long before the Dutch version took hold in the 1970s.
  • Mara Gay on the Times editorial board is clearly atoning for the Metro section’s ongoing pro-car bias. “New York’s car culture makes no sense,” she says in a sprightly video and opinion piece. “Only 16 percent of our bike lanes are protected. I think we can do better.” (Well, walk over and tell Metro Section editor Cliff Levy to stop ordering up stories calling minor pro-bike or pro-transit improvement a “war” on cars.)
  • The SI Advance need not fully atone, but should at least have a little shame to follow us on the Goethals Bridge bike path story (own backyard, people!)
  • Gov. Cuomo thinks your subway motorman/woman needs to atone for driving that train so slowly. (NYDN)
  • Some ferry captain should atone for giving Alec Baldwin and his family special preference on a Staten Island-bound boat. (NYDN)
  • The MTA should atone for taking seriously some Queens residents’ call for spending billions to add some LIRR stations to the few areas of the borough already well served by transit. (MTA)
  • Lots of people — unnamed in the Tribeca Trib article — need to atone for their reckless parking psychosis on Vestry Street.
  • And finally, you should atone if you don’t agree that Bronx Borough Historian Lloyd Ultan is a national local treasure. (Mayor’s Office via Twitter)