Wednesday’s Headlines: Today Is For #BikeNYC Edition

The Kosciuszko Bridge, one day before cars ruin it forever. Photo: Julianne Cuba
The Kosciuszko Bridge, one day before cars ruin it forever. Photo: Julianne Cuba

For one day, at least, the new span of the Kosciuszko Bridge is the exclusive domain of cyclists and pedestrians.

Today, from noon to 6 p.m., all four Brooklyn-bound lanes will be off-limits to motorists, who will officially begin their taxpayer-subsidized hegemony of the bridge before the Thursday morning rush hour. To access the bridge on Wednesday, enter from Laurel Hill Blvd. at 54th Rd. on the Queens side or from Meeker Ave. and Van Dam St. on the Brooklyn side.

After today, cyclists and pedestrians will be shunted back (amNY) to where the state obviously believes they belong: the 20-foot bike and pedestrian path, which Gov. Cuomo showed off yesterday to the cream of New York’s transportation press corps (Guse! Meyer! Cuba! Barone! Barkan!). The governor also announced a seven-acre green space under the highway called, “Under the K” park (NYDN) and a light show (NY Post). His office called it “transformative,” but the rendering suggested it was merely formative:

Welcome to "Under the K" park. Photo rendering: Governor's Press Office
Welcome to “Under the K” park. Because we all love to play under major highways. Photo rendering: Governor’s Press Office

In any event, here’s the rest of the day’s news:

  • From the assignment desk: Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla will show how its done, signing the city’s Vision Zero campaign into law at City Hall at 10 a.m.
  • Placard abuse — sometimes it’s hard to tell who the perp is and who the victim is, as this Daily News story shows.
  • Gov. Cuomo still doesn’t know what President Trump’s oddly sane tweet about the Second Avenue Subway was about. (NY Post)
  • Credit where due department: Gothamist’s follow-up coverage to our coverage of the countersuit inside 25 Central Park West featured a great get: An interview with anti-bike (and anti-CPW bike lane) plaintiff Bonnie Eisler — who has not responded to notes left by Streetsblog with her doorman and a handwritten letter delivered by the Postal Service! Eisler’s comments to Jake Offenhartz were the stuff of the classic community board crank: “I have never felt that I was being threatened by a car,” she said. “Bikes pose a much bigger threat.”
  • And, finally, MLB legend Robinson Cano just bought all of his Mets teammates Bird scooters. Robbie, say it ain’t so! Birds are still illegal in this town (Well, what do you expect from a guy who spends most of his time trying to steal bases?) (Deesha Thosar via Twitter)
  • One more thing: Speaking of the Amazin’s, the DOT tweet-announced a “Cycle to Citi Field” event timed to the Mets’ 3 p.m. game against the Braves on Sept. 29 (by which time, the Mets will have certainly clinched the division, amirite?)