Tuesday’s Headlines: Back to the Grind Edition

A photo simulation.
A photo simulation.

It was the most beautiful weekend of the year and our editor spent the entirety of it flat on his back with that “spring cold” that everyone seems to be coming down with. So there were no days at the beach, no BBQs, no long bike rides through the car-free streets of our quiet city.

But he did have plenty of time to read the news:

  • What a weekend for car carnage: A driver sent some ambulance drivers to an ambulance in Harlem (NYDN). A driver plowed into a crowd on Long Island (NY Post). And a drunk driver killed a motorcyclist in Brooklyn (NY Post).
  • The Times ran the ultimate transit story — about the struggle of immigrants aboard Greyhound buses — and suddenly the number 2 train didn’t seem so bad.
  • A day late, but the Wall Street Journal also weighed in on the disaster that was the ferry system this weekend.
  • Free student Metrocards! Yes! (NYDN)
  • The new subway fare system — OMNY — will roll out on Friday at 16 stations. (amNY)
  • Citi Bike celebrated its sixth birthday over the weekend with a tweet — one that didn’t mention the missing e-bikes.
  • And, finally, some personal news (for all of you who were around in fall, 1986). (NYT)