Thursday’s Headlines: Take Us Out to the Ballgame Edition

A great American hero.
A great American hero.

We warned you. We told you a few weeks ago that day baseball is one of the few things that make America bearable in these trying times. So don’t be surprised if a few members of all members of the StreetsblogNYC team happen to be in Section 505 of the upper deck of Citi Field for a few hours today covering the livable streets community from the inside out.

We call it “team building.” That said, we’ll be on email and social, in case anything breaks (like Steven Matz’s single-game strikeout record).

For now, here’s the news from yesterday:

  • Brooklyn’s Community Board 1 — in transit rich Williamsburg and Greenpoint — bought an SUV with taxpayer money. (The CITY)
  • More details have emerged about the serial brake puller who has been ruining commutes — a story first broken by the Times. On Wednesday, the Post updated the story to say that the problem is being caused by “an individual or a group of individuals” and has been going on for years (The NYDN went with the “anarchists” angle.). Aaron Gordon at Jalopnik had lots of incident reports from his impeccable sources, which suggests he was working on the story for a while, but was scooped when New York City Transit issued a tweet, which the Times promptly reported.
  • If they can bust placard corruption in a small upstate town, why can’t we do it here? (NYPost)
  • In case you missed it, Doug Gordon had a tale of a humble bike rack on Streetsblog.
  • The Times finally got around to covering the Museum of the City of New York’s “Cycling in the City” exhibit, which opened in March.
  • And, finally, here’s your flying car update. (CityLab)