Monday’s Headlines: Lew Fidler is Dead Edition

Lew Fidler
Lew Fidler

Rest in peace, Lew Fidler. The former Council Member died Sunday at age 62 (Post, Daily News, no Times). We knew him for many years and we liked him — as a person — though he was never a Friend of Streetsblog. Re-reading Aaron Naparstek and Noah Kazis’s pieces was a trip down memory lane, evoking Fidler in a way that one recalls an uncle that you loved when you were 8, but then realized by age 18 that you disagreed with him on every single issue. The love lingers. But so does the disappointment.

And now, here’s the news:

  • We were happy to see Vin Barone at amNY take the same street safety angle as Streetsblog on Mayor de Blasio’s faltering Vision Zero, as deaths are up 30 percent this year. Activists will rally at City Hall on Tuesday.
  • The Times’s Emma Fitzsimmons did the much-anticipated deep dive on subway elevators.
  • The new Apple iOS will support the MTA’s OMNY system. (Endgadget)
  • Nassau County is facing millions in liability suits because it has such a big backlog of overdue street safety requests. Courts have held municipalities liable for injuries that occur after a dangerous street has been identified. (Newsday)
  • There will be a global Uber and Lyft strike on Wednesday morning (NYDN). It’s a reminder that Big Tech hasn’t made life better for taxi drivers — and the federal government isn’t helping either, as the Trump Labor Department ruled last week that drivers are independent contractors with very few rights (NY Times).
  • The MTA says it’s safe to breathe the air in the L train. (Gothamist)
  • The Post covered the funeral for little Emur Shavkator, the 3-year-old who was killed by a candy truck driver on Thursday. Friend of Streetsblog Melodie Bryant covered a vigil for the boy, at which State Senator Andrew Gounardes announced a “three moving violations and you’re out” bill (H/T Sam Bleiberg).
  • Car carnage injures six in Brooklyn on Sunday. (NBC4)
  • And, finally, it’s not polite to laugh at the misfortunes of others, but when it’s a cop crashing his scooters into a squad car, it’s difficult not to chortle. (NYDN)

And in the “In Case You Missed It” file:

  • City Comptroller Scott Stringer lent his support to State Senator Jessica Ramos’s bill to legalize e-bikes — but Stringer put his finger on the hypocrisy at the core of Mayor de Blasio’s blind spot: He loves e-bikes … except those ridden by our least-fortunate, most-overworked, lowest-paid immigrants.

And here’s a photo from the well-attended “family ride” in Sunnyside on Saturday.

queens family ride