Monday’s Headlines: He The Subway Fare is Risen Edition

Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

The Bible tells us that Christ rose on Easter — but this year, so did the subway fare. Starting yesterday, the weekly all-you-can-eat MetroCard rose from $32 to $33, and a 30-day unlimited rose from $121 to $127. The base fare remains $2.75. (NY Post, amNY) Here’s a link in case you qualify but haven’t yet applied for the Fair Fares program. The fare hike couldn’t have come at a better time: on Friday, the MTA begins its dreaded nights-and-weekends repair of the L train. (Wall Street Journal)

Here’s the rest of the weekend’s news:

  • Those Citi Bike e-bike lawsuits have only just begun. (NYDN)
  • A woman was dragged to her death by a train in Union Square on Saturday. (WSJ)
  • Jose Martinez wrote up the long saga of a single elevator. (The City)
  • Did you catch Emma Fitzsimmons’s long analysis in the Times of frenemies Andrew Cuomo and Andy Byford? It’s a must read — if only for the part where Cuomo’s spokeswoman accuses the Times of gutter tabloid instincts. (Good for the Times!). The Post offered its own version.
  • The DOT is about to improve Northern Boulevard with concrete pedestrian refuges. This is a big deal for a roadway Streetsblog dubbed “The New Boulevard of Death.” (Jackson Heights Post)
  • Residents of Morris Park are still making specious complaints about — and News12 is still misreporting those specious complaints about — the city’s upcoming life-saving road diet for Morris Park Avenue.
  • Mayor de Blasio will be in Queens at 12:30 today talking about New York’s “Green New Deal,” a City Council bill that would cut emissions from buildings (you get a break, cars). CBS News’s Jason Silverstein had the nifty Trump angle.
  • And, finally, the best weekend read: George Monbiot in The Guardian reminding us that cars are literally killing us. “Let’s abandon this disastrous experiment,” he writes.