Wednesday’s Headlines: The Disco Era Returns Edition

The 1070s: Wide sideburns. Wider ties. Disco. But it wasn’t all bad — because way back then, some workers dug part of a tunnel for the Second Avenue subway. Well, the MTA is finally going to use that tunnel, which stretches between 110th and 120th streets, saving $500 million, the Daily News reported. Fortunately, disco is not returning with the revival of the tunnel.

And here’s the rest of the news:


Cuomo and Christie Play Chicken With Trans-Hudson Train Commuters

It’s been almost five years since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie killed the ARC tunnel. Things haven’t improved since. The existing two-track rail tunnel, already at capacity, has continued to shoulder growing ridership comprised mostly of NJ Transit commuters. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy added a dose of corrosive salt water to the century-old tunnels. Amtrak warns that one or […]