Cops Arrest Virginia Driver for Killing Brooklyn Pedestrian

Photo: Franz Golhen
Photo: Franz Golhen

Cops have arrested a Virginia who they say ran down and killed an 82-year-old pedestrian in Williamsburg on Saturday night.

Police say that Mark Smith, 57, of Glen Allen, hit Evaristo Mercado as the pedestrian crossed Maujer Street in the crosswalk and with the light at around 5:42 p.m. Smith had been traveling northbound on Bushwick Avenue and was attempting to complete a left turn in onto Maujer in his 2004 Ford van.

Mercado was taken to Woodhull Hospital, where he died. Smith was charged with failure to yield, failure to exercise due care, and marijuana possession. A police spokesman said the pot charge was a violation, indicating that Smith was allegedly in possession of only a small amount.

There were three reported crashes last year at that same corner, with two motorists injured. In the 90th Precinct last year, there were 3,589 reported crashes, injuring 151 cyclists and 157 pedestrians, plus 609 motorists. Four pedestrians and three drivers died.

That’s roughly 10 crashes per day.