Dear Gov. Cuomo: Larry Penner Has Something to Say

Andrew Cuomo Photo: Flickr/NYS Governor's Office
Andrew Cuomo Photo: Flickr/NYS Governor's Office

Anyone who has spent any time in community journalism in New York City has encountered Larry Penner — the most prolific letter writer since Alexander Hamilton. Penner writes mostly on government administration and political topics. And when you get a “Penner-gram,” as we always called them, you have only one choice: Run that baby.

Larry_PennerTo the editor,

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s overnight tour of the Canarsie L line tunnel was just another in a series of publicity stunts. As usual, he brings no additional funding to pay for the obvious, but his shrill voice.

Why has it taken the MTA NYC Transit seven years after Superstorm Sandy to begin work on the L tunnel, scheduled to start in April, 2019? What guarantee is there that work will be completed within 15 months by June, 2020, or eight years after the initial damage? How many years has the MTA been unable to spend hundreds of millions in previously approved Federal Transit Administration Superstorm Sandy Recovery and Resiliency Grant Funds to pay for this work?

Why does Cuomo continuously ignore Federal Rail Road Administration safety requirements by not wearing mandated orange protective vests just like all other MTA employees when touring active track areas?

The MTA has an army of experienced engineers and engineering consultant firms. Why does Cuomo second guess his own MTA Senior Management team by bringing in his own transportation experts? Who paid for this additional layer of bureaucracy?


Larry Penner

Penner is a transportation historian, advocate and writer who previously worked 31 years for the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office.