Hit-and-Run Driver Rams Child Riding Bike Near Queens Schools

The victim, an 11-year-old boy, was hospitalized in stable condition. The crash occurred in an area that could have been covered by speed cameras, had Senate Republicans not killed the program.

Video still: Twitter/NYCityAlerts

A driver ran over a child on a bike in Far Rockaway and fled the scene yesterday.

The 11-year-old boy was turning left from Healy Avenue onto southbound Dickens Street at around 7:40 p.m. Monday when the northbound driver struck him head-on, according to NYPD and video of the crash.

The victim was transported to Long Island Jewish Hospital in stable condition.

NYPD told CBS the driver had the right of way but will likely face charges for fleeing the scene.

Video shows the driver hit the victim at high speed, throwing the child into the air. The motorist did not slow down after impact.


Police arrested a suspect this afternoon, according to @NYCityAlerts.

The collision occurred in the 101st Precinct, in close proximity to multiple school zones, reporter Josefa Velasquez noted on Twitter.

The area did not previously have speed enforcement cameras. Even before State Senate Republicans killed the program, its range was limited by arbitrary restrictions imposed by Albany lawmakers, including recidivist reckless driver Marty Golden.

Had Albany passed legislation to expand the program this year, however, this part of Queens might have been covered. As long as cameras remain inactive, drivers like this sociopath will continue to terrorize other street users.

Update: Here’s Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White’s statement regarding the crash:

The video of this child being maimed is horrifying and testament to a city where there are no consequences — not even a speed camera ticket — for reckless driving. Senate Leader John Flanagan and Senator Marty Golden are responsible, and should know that child’s blood is on their hands.

Three weeks ago, the Senate Republican majority ushered in a state of lawlessness in New York City, when they dismantled a lifesaving speed camera program. Yesterday’s crash was less than a 1/3 mile from two schools — the location could have been protected by a speed camera, if not for Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Senator Marty Golden. In 2018, in the so-called era of Vision Zero, an 11-year-old should be safe to ride their bike on a neighborhood street, but without action from Senate Republicans, I have no doubt New York City will see an increase in frequency of horrific incidents like we saw yesterday.