Sneckdowns 2018: Bomb Sneckdowns

A whole lotta extra asphalt at Bergen and Court. Photo: Tom DeVito
A whole lotta extra asphalt at Bergen and Court. Photo: Tom DeVito

Clarence put out the call for sneckdown pictures while winter storm Grayson was still bomb cycloning through the region, and Streetfilms tweeps did not disappoint.

In case you’re new to these parts, “sneckdown” is a portmanteau of “snowy neckdown” (and a “neckdown” is a sidewalk extension that makes intersections safer).

The snow-covered asphalt that remains once drivers hit the streets after a winter storm is a potent visualization of all the street space that could easily be repurposed for walking and biking. Compelling sneckdown pictures have a way of turning into real-life street redesigns.

A few Photoshop layers can really bring the point home. Here’s a great enhanced sneckdown pic from Patrick Conlon in Jersey City:

Sometimes the bare photos are all you need:

Keep on tagging those #sneckdown pics.


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