Feliks Dadiomov, 88, Fourth Person Killed on Vision Zero Priority Corridor in 2017

Ocean Parkway at Avenue X, where a motorist killed 88-year-old Feliks Dadiomov on Tuesday. Image: Google Maps
Ocean Parkway at Avenue X, where a motorist killed 88-year-old Feliks Dadiomov on Tuesday. Image: Google Maps

Last night a motorist killed 88-year-old Feliks Dadiomov on Ocean Parkway in Sheepshead Bay. The victim was the fourth person fatally struck while walking or biking on a DOT Vision Zero priority corridor in 2017.

Dadiomov was attempting to cross the parkway in the crosswalk at Avenue X at around 9:20 p.m. when he was hit by a 28-year-old man driving a Honda sedan. NYPD and the press blamed the victim for his own death.

From the Daily News:

Cops said the Honda was traveling northbound in the right lane of Ocean Parkway with a green light traffic light. Dadiomov was crossing against the pedestrian light when he moved into the path of the car, according to authorities.

The impact of the collision caused severe trauma to Dadiomov’s head and face, according to WCBS. He died at Coney Island Hospital.

There are six traffic through-lanes on Ocean Parkway at Avenue X, and no median islands. Given Dadiomov’s age, it is conceivable he began to cross with the signal but didn’t make it to the curb before parkway traffic was given a green light.

Image: WABC
Image: WABC

Seniors suffer disproportionately from traffic violence in NYC. Of the eight people killed by drivers while walking or biking in the city this year, four were over age 65.

NYPD shielded the name of the motorist who killed Dadiomov and filed no charges against him.

Drivers killed eight pedestrians on Ocean Parkway between 2009 and 2013, according to the DOT’s Brooklyn pedestrian safety action plan. Sixty-four crashes resulted in death or severe injury to pedestrians during that period, making Ocean Parkway Brooklyn’s fourth most dangerous street for walking when ranked by fatal and severe crashes per mile.

DOT has prioritized nine Ocean Parkway intersections for safety improvements, but the list excludes the crossing where Dadiomov was killed. Last week Transportation Alternatives called on the de Blasio administration to aim higher with its street redesign projects.

Feliks Dadiomov was killed in the 61st Precinct, and in the City Council district represented by Mark Treyger.