Cast Your Vote for the 2016 NYC Streetsies

Before 2016’s rollercoaster of dread and anxiety gives way to 2017’s unrelenting permanent state of dread and anxiety, we’re going to pause and reflect on the year that was in NYC streets and transportation.

We’ve got a strong batch of street design and bus projects up for a vote in the Streetsies this year. They’re a testament to the tangible improvements that city officials and advocates can make in people’s lives — a safer walk to the train, a less stressful bike trip to work, a faster bus ride across town. As discouraging as the national political situation may be, we can always make good things happen here in our city.

The polls are open until Monday at midnight Tuesday at 5 p.m. We’ll start running our year-in-review next Tuesday and resume publishing on our normal schedule January 3. Happy voting and happy holidays, Streetsblog readers.


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