Greetings From the Manhattan Bridge on Bike to Work Day

Happy Bike to Work Day, everyone. How about this sunshine?

My gut assessment of the bike traffic this morning, based on watching the Manhattan Bridge for a few minutes at around 8:45: More people biking than on a typical day, but the scene was not so different than what you’d see on other clear, spring weekday mornings. Platoons of ten or so cyclists aren’t an uncommon sight on the Manhattan Bridge during the a.m. rush these days.

Meanwhile, reports from the Hudson River Greenway suggest that bike traffic there was much higher than usual this morning. You can share your pictures of today’s commute by adding the “Streetsblog” tag on Flickr or emailing

Thanks as always to the TransAlt volunteers who got up early to hand out nourishment to bike commuters. That cold brew coffee really hit the spot.

Update: Here’s some video of people heading into Manhattan on the bridge from Brooklyn Spoke’s Doug Gordon, shot a little after 9 a.m. Definitely more people on bikes than I normally see: