Citi Bike Kiosks Running in Previews for Brooklyn Navy Yard Workers

Citi Bike kiosk at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Photo: Michael Cairl via ## Spoke##

An anonymous source informs us that, starting today, tenants and employees of the Brooklyn Navy Yard will be able to try out Citi Bike, which will help with “operational training” for the bike-share system.

The Navy Yard covers an area of about 300 acres, and according to our tipster, Citi Bike stations have been placed all over. Navy Yard ID-holders will be given free use of the bikes, which are to remain inside the yard.

While this preview run for Citi Bike won’t make use of the payment system, it’s hard to take this as anything other than a good sign, some five months away from the projected March 2013 launch date.