Eyes on the Street: Safer Crossings on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn

Pedestrians now have expanded median islands, like this one at 20th Street, for safer crossings on Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park. Photo: ##https://twitter.com/J_uptown/status/255785032868827137##@J_uptown##

Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park, from 65th Street to 15th Street, is getting its road diet after Brooklyn Community Board 7 overwhelmingly approved changes to the street in May.

Seven pedestrians were killed in traffic along the corridor between 2006 and 2011. To make it safer, DOT is reducing Fourth Avenue from three lanes in each direction to two, with expanded medians for crossing pedestrians and a wider parking lane, as shown in these photos sent by reader @J_uptown on Twitter..

Drivers now have two lanes instead of three, as shown at 43rd Street. Photo: ##https://twitter.com/J_uptown/status/255781198662606848##@J_uptown##