NYPD Says It’s Not Investigating Lower East Side Pedestrian Death

Allen Street at Stanton, looking north. Image: Google Maps

An unidentified woman was struck and killed by a truck driver on the Lower East Side earlier this month in a collision that NYPD is reportedly not investigating.

The victim was crossing Allen Street at Stanton Street at around 10 p.m. on August 9 when the light turned and she was struck by the driver of a garbage truck, according to an account published by Bowery Boogie:

A woman was crossing Allen right in front of Epstien’s, right as the walk sign was ending — and a Garbage truck in the left lane bolted RIGHT [i.e. immediately] when the light turn green — it was clear that the woman’s mind shut down right as she was crossing (and the truck was approaching) b/c she sort of stood there for a milisecond wavering as to what to do. She was hit — VERY HARD — by the vehicle, her head banged right up against the grill of the truck and she fell immediately to the ground.

Bowery Boogie posted a photo of a makeshift memorial near the crash site, which read, “Lorii, rest in peace, from 189 Allen.”

NYPD informed Gothamist that the woman died at Bellevue Hospital on August 11. According to Gothamist, an NYPD spokesperson also said that the Accident Investigation Squad did not investigate the crash.

Streetsblog called NYPD today for information, including the victim’s name, and to confirm that there was indeed no AIS investigation. Said a spokesperson: “We’re not going to have anything unless there’s criminality suspected.”

Even considering NYPD’s egregious shortcomings when it comes to crash investigations, it is difficult to believe the department would essentially ignore a traffic fatality, if only for procedure’s sake.

Streetsblog will continue to seek details on this traffic death. We’ll keep you posted.

This fatal crash occurred in the 7th Precinct. To voice your concerns about neighborhood traffic safety directly to Captain Peter J. Venice, the commanding officer, go to the next precinct community council meeting. The 7th Precinct council meetings happen at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month at the station house, 19 1/2 Pitt Street. Call the precinct at 212-477-7301 for information.

The City Council district where this victim was killed is represented by Margaret Chin. To encourage Chin to take action to improve street safety in her district and citywide, contact her at 212-788-7259, chin@council.nyc.gov or @CM_MargaretChin.