The Guerrilla Bike Lane’s Gone — Back to Business as Usual on Bergen

Photo: Ben Fried

Local resident Ian Dutton’s ingenious method of keeping the Bergen Street bike lane clear of parked vehicles near the 78th Precinct has run its course, apparently. With Con-Ed’s construction having wrapped up, the plastic posts that Dutton arranged to create some make-shift separation are no longer there. As of yesterday, it’s back to an illegal parking zone for delivery trucks and NYPD squad cars.

Dutton wrote in to share his next steps:

I’m calling 311 now to report the missing plastic “lane delineators” as they are technically called. Maybe if a lot of other people did it, they’d be replaced?

I’m also writing a request to Brooklyn’s CB8 to ask that they make a formal request to DOT to install delineators on this short segment to deter illegal parking and the use of the lane as a travel lane. I’ll let you know if I get a hearing date.

Since the world didn’t end while the guerrilla lane set-up was in effect, one must assume that NYPD has other vehicle storage options besides this:

Just another Thursday in the Bergen Street bike lane. Photo: Ben Fried


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