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Streetsblog NYC made a huge impact in 2011, countering misinformation about the city’s bike and pedestrian programs, exposing the machinations of the politically-connected NIMBYs who wanted to drag progress on bike policy to a halt, and calling out Governor Andrew Cuomo for neglecting transit. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our readers. If you value Streetsblog’s coverage and commentary, please consider contributing to our year-end pledge drive. Your donation will help us produce high-quality reporting in the year ahead.

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We have one more prize to give away to a lucky donor who contributes before the end of the year. Reader Glenn Moyer of Tucson, Arizona won last week’s sweepstakes and will soon be biking around in a snappy new Levi’s Commuter denim jacket and jeans. Readers who give this week will be entered to win a class with REI’s Outdoor School, courtesy of the new REI Soho. The winner can select any one of REI’s wilderness outings in the Tri-State area, except Overnight Backpacking and Wilderness First Aid.

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