The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle violence across the five boroughs and beyond. For more on the origins and purpose of this column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

Fatal Crashes (5 killed this week, 91 this year, 13 drivers charged*)

  • Rockaway Beach: Cyclist Andrzei Wiesniuk, 70, Killed by Man Driving With a Suspended License (News)
  • East Williamsburg: Chris Doyle, 29, Run Over on His Bike By Truck Driver (News, Streetsblog)
  • Brownsville: Kira Goddard, 13, Killed Saving Kids from “Out of Control” SUV Driver Who’d Been Stabbed (NYT, News)
  • Related: The Only Attention Goddard’s Mourners Got From Local Pols Was a Drive-By Beep (News)
  • Forest Hills: Motorcyclist Andres Rodriguez-Mojica, 37, Drives Over Median, Crashing Into Van (YourNabe)
  • Elmhurst: Andrew Ramirez, 2, Struck By Van Driver While Running Into Street for Candy (News, Post)

Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • UWS: Pedestrian Injured By Driver Near 96th Street Subway Station (DNAinfo)
  • Laurelton: School Children Rescued From Overturned Minibus Collision with SUV (Post)
  • UWS: Three Injured After Bus Crash With Speeding Cab (Post)
  • SI Expressway: Bus Carrying Minor League Baseball Team Crashes With SUV, Smashes Into Overpass Guardrail (WABC)
  • Queens: Parks Department Employee, Off-Duty Cop Arrested for Drunk Driving in Separate Incidents (Post Blotter)
  • East Harlem: Fourteen Injured in Crash Between Special Needs School Bus and Truck (DNAinfo)
  • Tompkinsville: Man Arrested for Trying to Drive Through Locked Parks Department Parking Lot Gates (Post Blotter)
  • West Side Highway: Motorcyclist Sent Flying from Bike in Rear-End Collision (Post)
  • Midtown: Tow-Truck Driver Attacks Van Driver for Refusing to Run Red Light (Post)

In the Region, Out of Town

  • East Hampton, NY: Brooklyn Pastor Narrowly Misses Pedestrians in a Crosswalk; Arrested for Ensuing Road Rage Incident (Post)
  • Rochester, NY: Driver Backing Out of Parking Space Crashes Through Bank Doors, Injuring Five (Post)
  • Whitney Point, NY: Tour Bus Carrying Polish Tourists Crashes and Flips on Highway, Injuring 30 (AP)

Following Up

  • Two More DUI Cases Could Go Belly Up Thanks to Shredded Credibility of Tix Fix Cop (News)
  • Woman Who Crashed Into Brooklyn College Building Dies from Injuries (Post)
  • Long Island Judge Throws Out DWI Case, Claiming Cops Didn’t Prove Driver Was Behind the Wheel (Post)
  • Frites ‘N’ Meats Truck Back on the Street After April Crash That Ended in an Explosion (DNAinfo)

Other News

  • Cops Watch Drivers Speed Through Reds Rather Than Deal With Tix Fix Fallout (Post)
  • Delancey-Essex intersection Named One of the City’s Most Dangerous (Gothamist)
  • State Senator Carl Fuschillo: Make Wrong-Way Driving a Felony (LoHud)
  • Crossover Mirror Bill Takes Effect Next January (Streetsblog)

* Based on latest available reports