Stephen Goldsmith Out, Cas Holloway in as Deputy Mayor For Operations

Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith has resigned as deputy mayor for operations, the mayor’s office announced today. Current Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway will replace him.

Goldsmith was brought in for the mayor’s third term with a charge to reinvent city government, particularly along the libertarian lines that he espoused as mayor of Indianapolis. As deputy mayor for operations, he was responsible for the Department of Transportation, among other agencies.

The change may only have a limited effect on DOT if Mayor Bloomberg keeps in place his current organizational structure. Responsibility for the department was split between Goldsmith and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Steel last fall, with Steel playing the larger part.

Goldsmith leaves to take a job in infrastructure finance. He was the leading force behind the ongoing exploration of a parking meter privatization deal for New York City.

Many have theorized that Goldsmith left in part because of disapproval over his handling of last winter’s blizzard, including Adam Lisberg, who predicted the Goldsmith-for-Holloway switch a month ago.

Before taking over at DEP last year, Holloway served as the chief of staff for former Deputy Mayor for Operations Ed Skyler, who preceded Goldsmith, and as chief of staff at the Parks Department.

We’ll have more on the story as it develops.