Curb-Jumping Motorist Severs Leg of Pedestrian in Midtown

A driver jumped a curb and struck a pedestrian, reportedly severing one of her legs, on 58th Street this morning. Photos: Liz Patek

Reader Liz Patek sends this account from a crash scene in Midtown this morning:

As I was biking through Midtown, I came across this scene on West 58th Street between Seventh and Sixth Ave. It happened before I got there, I am guessing about 9/9:30 a.m. A pedestrian, a woman, was hit by the car. She was on the sidewalk when she was hit. According to witnesses, she was sent flying through the glass door of the restaurant, and according to their accounts, she was in pretty bad shape (her leg was severed). The driver was still on the scene. There was also a camera person from CBS 2 and another reporter on the scene. According to another witness account, the woman appeared to be about 55-60 years of age.

Also, according to witnesses, they are not sure if the driver was trying to execute a three-point turn or trying to parallel park and possibly lost control/accelerated in reverse into the woman. The woman was alive when ambulances took her away. Again, this is all accounts from people who either witnessed the accident or arrived just after it happened.

Streetsblog will be following up with NYPD on the outcome of their investigation.