At CB 6 Hearing, Supporters of PPW Redesign Outnumber Detractors 8 to 1

The line to testify before last night's public hearing on the Prospect Park West redesign. Supporters were sporting neon green and hot pink "bikes love peds" stickers. The gentleman with the shaved head in the center of the frame later testified that he's a registered Republican living in Park Slope, and he supports the redesign: "I want more families biking in New York City, because I am pro-family."

I’ll have a longer post later today, but for now, here is the numerical recap from last night’s public hearing on the Prospect Park West redesign. The overall headcount was somewhere around 400 people. Transportation Alternatives handed out pro-bike lane stickers to 330 people before they exhausted their supply. Among the 100+ people who signed up to testify, support outweighed opposition by nearly an eight-to-one margin.

These are the numbers from the sign-in sheets to give testimony, courtesy of Community Board 6:

  • PRO: 86 signed up / 25 spoke
  • CON: 11 signed up / 11 spoke
  • OTHER: 6 signed up / 6 spoke

Public sentiment about the Prospect Park West redesign is not monolithic, but last night’s attendance — on top of last October’s rally and the survey of 3,000 Brooklynites conducted by Council members Lander and Levin and CB 6 — once again demonstrated that the current design enjoys overwhelming public support.

Everyone who wanted to testify against the redesign got to speak last night, but less than 30 percent of the people who wanted to testify in favor got a turn at the mic.

More to come.

The John Jay High School auditorium a few minutes before last night's hearing got underway, while people were still filtering in.