Think New York Needs Complete Streets? Take the PBS Poll

Complete streets legislation remains a top priority for street safety advocates in Albany, and PBS ran a nice feature last week on the issue. It starts at the 4:45 minute mark in this clip.

The program, New York NOW, has also made complete streets the subject of their weekly poll, and the two choices lay out the current terms of the debate pretty bluntly. Either complete streets are “necessary,” or they are “unfunded mandates.”

On one side are advocates like AARP, who point to the fact that a motor vehicle driver kills a pedestrian on Long Island’s streets once a week and once every ten days in the five largest upstate counties. On the other, the New York State Association of Counties continues to make complaints about the legislation that mostly serve to show they haven’t read it.

The poll is still open as of this afternoon if you’d like to cast your vote.