T.A.’s Jammy Jam 2011: Your Community Board Needs You

Even if city transportation staff, empirical data and public opinion are all pointing in the same direction, livable streets projects are notoriously prone to snags at the community board level. When, for example, a neighborhood where 75 percent of residents don’t own cars can muster only a 55 percent vote in support of safer walking and cycling, it’s a pretty clear indication that something is off.

The good news is that you can be the voice of reason countering irrational arguments, like the suggestion to move foot traffic underground on one of the most pedestrian-heavy streets in the country. If you’d like to take a shot, join Transportation Alternatives next Monday for the 2011 Community Board Jammy Jam. There’ll be food, folks and forms, with a notary on-hand to make your application official.

Says Streetsblog reader A. Scott Falk:

I went to T.A.’s first annual Community Board Jammy Jam a little over two years ago, and it changed my life. I am now a full member of CB8M (including the transportation and parks committees), as well as an officer of T.A.’s East Side Volunteer Committee.

It’s worth noting that the Columbus Avenue bike lane vote might have gone the other way were it not for key recent additions to Manhattan CB 7. In the near future, you could be the vote that swings the balance in favor of safer streets.

Jammy Jam RSVPs are requested by January 7, a.k.a. tomorrow. Get your details here.