Albany Update: Hayley and Diego Hearing; Bus Riders Waiting for Shelly

We have a few quick updates on pending traffic safety legislation to pass along.

The Senate transportation committee will take up Hayley and Diego’s law and the Senate’s bus camera bill next Tuesday, June 8, at 12:30 p.m. Hayley and Diego’s law, New York’s version of a vulnerable user bill, has been assigned a calendar number in the Assembly, but it’s unclear when it will be given a floor vote.

As we reported last week, there has been no action in Shelly Silver’s Assembly to approve technology that would speed transit trips for hundreds of thousands of city bus riders.

In other automated enforcement news, the Assembly has asked the City Council for a home rule resolution in support of legislation to establish speed cameras in the city. As of this writing, sources tell us the council has issued no response. We have a message in with Speaker Christine Quinn’s office to check the status of the Assembly request.