Eyes on the Street: Park Slope Pedestrian Struck by Ambulance

lich_ped_4.jpgPhotos: Ed Ravin

Reader Ed Ravin sent in these photos of a collision between an ambulance driver and a pedestrian in Park Slope, which happened around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. He writes:

According to another bicyclist watching the aftermath, a Long Island
College Hospital ambulance, with its lights flashing but sirens off,
struck a pedestrian at 7th Ave and 9th St. When I got there, the pedestrian was lying on her back in the crosswalk, and the EMTs from
the LICH ambulance were attending to her. From the position of the
ambulance, it looked like they were turning from eastbound 9th St to
northbound 7th Ave, but they had "sliced" the turn so that they were
driving wrong-way from the south side of 9th St into the west side of
7th Ave, and presumably would have proceeded to the northbound side of
7th, with traffic, going toward Methodist Hospital, had they not struck
the pedestrian.

Transportation Alternatives’ CrashStat shows eight pedestrian- and two cyclist-involved collisions at this intersection between 1995 and 2005, with one pedestrian fatality in 2004.

Streetsblog has a message in with NYPD for details on the Saturday incident.