The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the five boroughs and beyond. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

carnage_c_sanchez_news.jpgConsuela Sanchez, mother of 13, was killed by a city bus driver on May 7 as she pushed a shopping cart across an Ozone Park intersection. No charged were filed. Photo via Daily News

Fatal Crashes (1 Killed This Week, 51 This Year, 8 Drivers Charged*)

  • Ozone Park: Consuela Sanchez, 81, Struck and Killed by Q10 Bus Driver at Lefferts and Rockaway Boulevards; No Charges Filed (News, Post)
carnage_unionsq_gothamist.jpgA cyclist was hit by the driver of an MTA express bus near Union Square on May 13. Photo: Gothamist

Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Union Square: Cyclist Hit, Seriously Injured by Driver of Express Bus (Gothamist)
  • Upper West Side: Elderly Pedestrian Hurt When Livery Driver Jumps Curb (Streetsblog)
  • Canarsie: 6 Reported Injured, 3 Seriously, in City Bus Crash (WCBS)
  • Brooklyn: Cyclist Seriously Hurt in May 3 Crash (Bike Blog NYC)
  • SI: 100 MPH NYPD Chase Ends With Jeep Resting on Lawn, 1 of 9 DWI Arrests (Advance)
  • SI: Man Trying to Torch Wife’s SUV Burns Bystander (Post Blotter)
  • St. Albans: Man Racing BMW Crashes Into Second Car, Seriously Injuring 1 (YourNabe)
  • Castleton Corners: Collision Leaves School Bus Overturned; No Kids Inside (Advance)
  • Arden Hills: Speeding Driver Crashes Through Fence, Hits Parked Tractor-Trailer (Advance)
  • Tompkinsville: 3 Hurt When Driver Hits Gas Station (Advance)
  • Fort Wadsworth: Drunk Driver Plows Into SUV, Injuring 4 (Post Blotter)
  • Crown Heights: Teen Drives Stolen Car Onto Sidewalk (Post)
  • SI: Korean War Veterans Memorial Parkway Crash Injures 1 (Advance)
  • Dongan Hills: Hylan Blvd Near-Collision Sends Driver Into Utility Pole (Advance)
  • Dongan Hills: Partially Clothed Woman Almost Hits Cop Car, Charged With DWI (Post Blotter)
  • Grant City: Reporter Happens on Scene of Two-Car Crash, Wonders Where Cops Are (Advance)

Following Up

carnage_leach_news.jpgImage via Daily News

In the Region, Out of Town

  • West Babylon: Wife Dumps Husband From Hood of Moving Truck, Fracturing His Skull (Post, WINS)
  • Irving, NY: Woman Assaults Sleeping Driver, Tries to Push Parked Car Off Cliff (AP)
  • Lakewood, NJ: Off-Duty Cop Killed in Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Collision (WINS)
  • Edison, NJ: 17 Hurt in School Bus Crash (WCBS)
  • Authorities Helpless to Stop Meadowlands Pedestrian Casualties (, WINS)
  • Australian Father Keeps Baby From Harm’s Way as He’s Hit by Elderly Driver (News)

Other News

  • New York Entrepreneur Develops WiFi-Equipped Breathalyzer (Reuters)
  • City Garbage Trucks Have Injured 294 People in the Last Three Years (Post)
  • Crossing Guards Hired to "Manage" Peds Endangered by West Street Traffic (Tri Trib)
  • Hyundai OK Ridiculing Dangerous Teen Drivers, But What About Seniors? (538)
  • USA Today Debates With Itself Over Traffic Camera Safety
  • Cameras That Prevent Crashes: Bad; Cams That Help Motorists After Crashes: Good (SPTimes)
  • Australian Researchers Laud Breath Tests for Pedestrians (Freakonomics)
  • Car Karaoke App? That Lets Drivers Listen to One Another? Why the Hell Not? (Wheels)

* Based on latest available reports