The Weekly Carnage

mcguinnessgrab.jpgDozens of pedestrians and cyclists have been hurt, and several killed, in the McGuinness Boulevard area of Greenpoint, where Neil Chamberlain was fatally struck on April 18. Image: CrashStat

Fatal Crashes (1 Killed This Week, 43 This Year, 8 Drivers Charged*)

  • Neil Chamberlain, 28, Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver on McGuinness Blvd in Greenpoint; Residents Say Street Design and Lack of Traffic Enforcement Endanger Pedestrians and Cyclists (Streetsblog)
  • Related: Cops Described as “Dismissive,” With No Interest in Talking to Witnesses (New York Shitty)
carnage_pshitrun_fips.jpgAmbulance arrives on the scene of hit-and-run on Eighth Ave in Park Slope, in which an unidentified cyclist was injured.

Injuries, Arrests, and Property Damage

  • East Side: NYPD Officer Arrested for Punching Cab Driver in the Face (City Room)
  • Park Slope: Blogger Witnesses Cyclist Hit-and-Run, Gets Driver’s Plate Number (FIPS)
  • Arrochar, SI: Car Thief Injures Gas Station Attendant, Captured After Crash (Advance)
  • DOT Inspector, Father Charged With DWI After Crashes in E. Harlem, Ozone Park (Post Blotter, YN)
  • Clifton, SI: 2 Arrested for Car Theft Claim They Were Tempted by Keys Left on Seat (Post Blotter)
  • Grasmere, SI: 2 Injured in Hylan Blvd Crash (Advance)

Following Up

  • Queens: CEO Who Killed Whitestone Expwy Ped Charged With DWAI; Blood Test Pending (Post)
  • Related: Memorial Held for Victim Mohammad Rohman (YourNabe)
  • SI: Gypsy Porfirio Charged With Assault for Killing Daniel Kelley; Family Files Suit (Advance)
  • Manhattan: No Remorse From Cabbie Who Killed Passenger Danielle Ricco in 2006 (Gothamist)
  • Ex-Cop Patrick Pogan on Trial for Body-Slamming Cyclist; Vic Killed Pedestrian in ’01 (City Room)
  • Bronx: Cop Whose Idling Cruiser Was Stolen Arrested for Stealing Courthouse Computer (Post)
  • Dwight Gooden Says It’s Too Soon to Talk About Drugged Driving Arrest (Post)

In the Region, Out of Town

  • Hempstead, LI: Allegedly High Driver Kills Woman in Yard; Says Vic, 69, Was “Old” (Post, Gothamist)
  • Roslyn Heights, LI: Driver Charged With Leaving Scene in Hit-and-Run Death of 81-Year-Old (WCBS)
  • New Rochelle: Jeep SUV Explodes, Driver Injured (Gothamist)
  • Yonkers: Serial Killer Suspect Sought for 21 Years Located After DWI Arrest (AP)
  • Leyden, NY: 1 Motorcyclist Killed, 3 Hurt in Funeral Procession Crash (AP)
  • Loudonville, NY: Star Siena Point Guard Arrested for DWI (AP)
  • Philadelphia: 3 Seriously Injured in Crash Involving Horse-Drawn Carriages (AP)
  • Clacton-on-Sea, England: Man Convicted for Driving Barbie Car While Drunk (Telegraph via Wheels)
  • Los Angeles: Repeat Reckless Driver Heather Locklear Charged for Street Sign Hit-and-Run (News)

Other News

  • AARP Surveys New York Streets; Electeds Pledge to Back Improvements for Seniors (Streetsblog)
  • Making Road Workers Safer Would Benefit All New York Street Users (Streetsblog, News)
  • Nationwide Motorcycle Fatalities Decline for First Time Since 1997 (Wheels)
  • Clear Channel to Add News Crawl to Car Stereos (Wheels)
  • Disney World Bus Drivers Say GPS Units Cause Forced Distraction (Orlando Sentinel)
  • John McCain Says Illegal Immigrants Intentionally Causing Car Crashes (News)

* Based on latest available reports