The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the five boroughs and beyond. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Gothamist Newsmap: Unidentified Pedestrian Struck Near Bellevue Hospital
  • Mill Basin, BK: SUV Collision That Injured 12-Year-Old Ruled “Terrible Accident” (News 1, 2, YourNabe)
  • W. Village: Driver Crashes Into Gray’s Papaya; 3 Reported Injured (Villager)
  • Forest Hills: Man Crashes Into Queens Synagogue, Blames His Toyota (News, Post)
  • Tottenville, SI: Car Overturned After Collision With City Bus (Advance)
  • Overturned Vehicle Blocks Goethals Bridge (Advance)
  • Chelsea: Postal Service Semi Wedged Under Overpass (Gothamist)
  • SI: DWI Arrests in Ward Hill, Mariners Harbor (Post [Blotter], Advance)

Following Up

In the Region, Out of Town

  • Pelham Manor, NY: Man Tries to Run Down Cop After Wrong-Way Stop (AP)
  • Newark: Driver Fleeing Crash Steals, Wrecks PA Police Cruiser (AP)
  • Fairfield, NJ: Off-Duty Cop Shot After “Road Rage Incident” (WINS)
  • Miami, FL: Bail Revoked for Accused DWI Killer Carlos Bertonatti (New Times)
  • Sacramento: Witness Snatches Keys From Driver During Attempted Cyclist Hit-and-Run (TBL)
  • Vancouver, BC: Woman in Wheelchair Hit by Olympic Staffer (AP)
  • Son of Maple Leafs, Olympic Hockey GM Killed Along With Friend in Indiana Crash (AP)

Other News

  • Council Member Jessica Lappin Proposes City Office of Street Safety (Streetsblog)
  • Bob Mionske: Vulnerable User Laws a First Step Toward True Traffic Justice (Streetsblog)
  • Related: Strict Liability Helps Keep European Streets Sane and Civil (Streetsblog)
  • Midtown: “Stray Voltage” Shocks Five Herald Square Pedestrians (Post, NY1)
  • Bloomberg Pulls City-Owned Priuses Off the Streets, Looks to Do Same for Cabs (WINS)
  • Toyota Inquiry Broadens to Include NHTSA Probe (NYT)
  • With 100 U.S. Traffic Deaths Per Day, Sticky Gas Pedals Are the Least of It (AOL, LA Bikes)
  • Ray LaHood Will Talk to Carmakers About Factory-Installed Driver Distractions (Detroit News)